January 20, 2021

The Most Unique Swimming Pools in the World

If you’re an “I’m here to relax” kind of traveler, the first thing you imagine doing when you arrive at a destination is throwing on that bathing suit and lounging by the nearest pool. So, on your next vacation make the pool the main attraction. Here, find the most unique swimming spots around the globe that are definitely worth a visit. [Daily Forest]

If you went on a cruise last year, you contributed to record-breaking numbers. According to cruisecritic.com, 2015 saw 23.3 million ocean cruise passengers—the highest number in history. Make this year your year to cruise and hop on-board. [Travel Pulse]

This summer airport security lines are projected to be quite awful. These free apps will help you get through those insanely long lines and on your way to the next adventure. [Today]

Ride sharing apps seem to be doing whatever they can to entice their customers. Just last week Uber surprised a few lucky riders with a free trip to Bermuda. Now, they’re promising riders $2 if their Uberpool option makes them late. [Slashgear]

Lindsey Campbell is the Associate Audience Engagement Editor. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @lyndzicampbell.

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